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Name: Kadie Lynn
Location: Titusville. Florida.
Fav Bands: Across five aprils, Dashboard confessional,  Fall out boy, Brand new, Daphne Loves derby, Matchbook Romance, Coheed and Cambria, Thirdeye blind, FATA, Atreyu.. I can't think but I have so many. Check my Info/intrests, yo.
Fav Song: "Hopeless Love"- Daphne Loves Derby or "For you to notice" - Dashboard Confessional
A little about yourself: (copied straight out of my bio) my given? kadie lynn. light brown eyes. 5'2.
sometimes i feel like i'm a thousand years old. i love music. i love the beach & photography. feeling sunshine on my skin & rain drops on my cheeks. i like big sunglasses(the ones that make me feel like a movie star), that span of time before it rains,& kissing. the feeling when my hair falls in my face, i like that.
sometimes my friends upset me. i've learned a lot of lessons the hard way. but then again, i guess thats the only way to really learn, huh? i forgive easily, but i swear, i never forget. sometimes i wish i could, though.. i think a good case of amnesia would be nice vacation.
..by the way, i'm always looking to escape. i live in my own fantasy world and try to never leave it, that's really unrealistic but being happy in la-la land is better than wanting in die in what some people call "reality", though things will bring you out of la-la land, & you start to drop out of the clouds you were dreaming in, to smash into a thousand pieces on the hard cold ground of the earth.
it's fun to break hearts, especially when your own is in more than one piece.
i like to be eccentric. affection is my bestfriend. & i insist you fall in love with me..



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uber rad daphne loves derby hell ya